This year REVERSO turns 25. This is certainly an event to celebrate: important for me, of course, but also for all who, at one time or another, have joined in the gallery’s history. The idea is a group exhibition that is a celebration, a moment of joy and encounter. And what title? After much deliberation, the answer suddenly seemed obvious: REVERSO, the name of the gallery, because for me, even after 25 years, this name still encapsulates the meaning of contemporary jewellery.

How to tell the story of this ‘reverse’ in a light-hearted way? For this, Valeria Accornero, journalist and curator, came to my aid. She found a very simple and direct key: colours. Orange, purple, fuchsia are my colours, linked to my personal history of India and Goa and its suggestions. They are the colours I have chosen over the years for the covers of the catalogues I have produced and in which the work of many of you is documented. In a way, they represent the gallery’s flag. Added to these three colours is another one – bright green for the cover of the next catalogue.

We invited Reverso’s artists to create a piece, two or three for 25 YEARS | REVERSO exhibition. They could choose to work on one shade, or even all four. We know that for some artists colour is a habit and for many others it is not at all, but we asked everyone to play along and rethink the next creations that are now on display at the Reverso Gallery from the 25th November 2023.  

Paula Crespo | Galeria REVERSO

Valeria Accornero | journalist e curator