22 October 2022
18 November 2022
Saturday, October 22, 2022

“Broken Forests” tells a story about the before and after of a deadly wildfire in Pedrogão Grande. It analyses the relation to land which seems to have started acting dangerously and unpredictably. The work is an answer to a trauma that comes from living on the Anthropocene post-apocalyptic landscape. It expresses worry, love and fear for a place which has been changed by eucalyptus plantations.

The works are casted into the first harvest of cork from Quercus Suber aka cork oak. Quercus Suber, unlike the introduced eucalyptus is native to Portugal and is one of the most resilient trees to the fire thanks to its bark. The hot melted metal puts the cork to yet another test.

The works presented here are the continuation of a graduation project in the Estonian Academy of Arts.