21 March 2018
15 April 2018
Tuesday, March 20, 2018
6:00 pm
8:00 pm


“First Chapter, continue; second chapter, start”, Alain.

The work, presented in the context of Reverso’s 20 years of existence, ponders over places where time passes by, its speed and magnetic fields. Ancient times and new times. Elements that we can touch, others just sketch, imagine or “fictionize”. Continuity and growth are at the origin of the intervention, the notion of energy is in its centre. The series Courrier exists and gains cohesion via the dialogue between magnetism, vitality, energy and the durations of things.

The volcanic inerts carry eternal attraction, beauty, mystique and sensuality; organic matter carries the surprise of life, revealing permanent and cyclical change. Through living matter, inerts and organic compounds (which, in various evolutionary stages, actually mix well) we gather contrasts and apparent contradictions between resistance and delicateness.

What we see today is, in a charming way, what we will not be able to see at the end of the exhibition. The whole process made us discover that the relative duration of things and its observation is a theme that interests us and demands more attention.

Courrier Series – volcanic stones, magnets, lacquer / 20 pieces.