2 April 2019
26 April 2019
Saturday, March 30, 2019
5:00 pm
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Ela Bauer

In my current work I focus on color as material. I have realized that color always bears meaning and that certain color / sequences ‘tell a story’. Color is the first given you perceive, experience before interpreting. It is a powerful vehicle of moods and atmospheres. Mostly one gives color to form. I give form to color.

Ela Bauer, 2019

Inês Nunes

This work is a Foucault’s analysis of the present, and it has an underlying need for deformation It is the expression of an aesthetic concern, which seeks to deconstruct genres and concepts.

‘There are moments in life where the question of whether one can think differently than one thinks, and perceive differently from what one sees, is indispensable to continue to look or reflect.’ Michael Foucault

It is also a disruptive attitude with the common need of classifying to validate. The author appeals to us in this work to the re-signification of the term ‘toque’.

pe.dra de to.que
| pɛdrɐdəˈtɔk(ə) |
1. dark-colored siliceous rock used to determine the purity of a metal;
2. to evaluate, pattern, reference;

With the ´touch’ of her wedding ring, the author scratches and stains the black coating on various brass slates, and creates in each piece a non-verbal language.

With the repetition and intensity of the marks, patterns are created and the physical mark becomes an emotional mark. The wedding ring wears off in this process, its classic meaning disappears and a new expression comes out of it.

The touch of the pieces does not define its value.

“Toque 2019, Inês Nunes”, Gonçalo Conde, 2019