Birgit Laken, studied jewellery on the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Since 1976 she has her own studio in Haarlem NL. Birgit has a long resume, internationally very active, with giving workshops, lectures and exhibitions. You can find her work in major museum and private collections.

Her most recent work has the theme ‘Animaled’, a common theme of IGOJA (International Group Of Jewellery Artists) which she is a member of. Her work has a graphic character, which is reinforced in this series by the use of her photography, a second passion next to her jewellery. In addition, she is working on a series of multiples, develops them through the design on the computer with a haptic 3D program. This jewellery is being printed in a strong polyamide and partly self-finished.

“I strive for it the emotional impulse which gave me the energy to work out my idea, being perceptible in the results. Then there will be communication possible on another level with the contemplator or the one who wears it. For this reason, jewellery, so close to our body, is a valuable exchange for me of thoughts and feelings.”