Wednesday, June 26, 2024
4:00 pm
7:00 pm

In her new series, Veronika continues to explore the interconnection of jewellery and identity, with a particular focus on different jewellery elements.

The main body of work consists of necklaces with enlarged clasps and hooks made entirely out of chains. The traditional roles are reversed within the jewellery piece and new rules are set: elevated from their typical supportive role.

Veronika’s jewellery closings serve as potent symbols of authority and control.

Much like amulets imbued with mystical significance, these pieces evoke a sense of empowerment for their wearer. Through this work, Veronika aims to visually articulate the complexities of modern existence, presenting oversized hooks as tangible manifestations of power amidst shifting landscapes.

Veronika Fabian, 2024