23 March 2022
26 April 2022
Wednesday, March 23, 2022
4:00 pm
8:00 pm

KNIT consists of the material essay on the search for the jewellery object that becomes, at the same time, a reason for contemplation and a wearable piece.

Joana Santos presents us with the static choreography of an unusual piece of jewelry, which, from the same geometric matrix, unfolds at different times.

Inert Body. Adornment. Constructions.

What is at stake is the plasticity of the plot, a network of relations between the god nodes or connections, which is shaped by and in the exhibition device.

“Its strength lies in the possibility of doing and undoing, in the creation of empty spaces, openings and porosities, which reveal and transform themselves into new identities.”

Stripped of an anthropomorphic body, TRAMA affirms the problematic relationship between contemporary jewellery creation and the body that commonly wears, transports and displays it.

This body is an object that can be typified and a living showcase of social, political and cultural codes.

Rossana Mendes Fonseca