20 Junho 2018
15 Julho 2018
Quarta-feira, Junho 20, 2018
6:00 pm
8:00 pm

Making objects by hand so that in the end they remain in that same hand is something I’m always very aware of. When you think about it, hands are very strange, they’re a tool of the human body. In that space you’re the first and also the last person responsible for what happens and it’s there that you generate the world you want. The pieces are ideas placed in a very small area, the hand, which eventually appear in the same place they’ve been made in.

Marc Monzó, in “SUN”, Puento Editores, 2016


On a cloth laid on the forest ground is being celebrated the passage of time, the slow motion gestures that draw the hours in circles, the thoughts that like the wind blowing on a sunny day refresh the mind. It is being celebrated the landscape, the silence, the sharp flavour, the shift in perception.

Leonor Hipólito, 2018

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