21 Fevereiro 2018
15 Março 2018
Terça-feira, Fevereiro 20, 2018
6:00 pm
8:00 pm

Infinite Play

In this inaugural exhibition of 2018, Reverso Gallery presents two artist that never lost sight of the importance of playfulness in Jewellery. Manuel Vilhena and Birgit Laken are jewelers that meet each other in the idea that materials tell a story and that we should never stop being charmed by them.

These are jewels that take us back to the simpler moments of childhood, when we could see everything with new eyes and a line would be enough to unleash the imagination. With them we remember our small treasures we hid a long time ago and find back now with a smile.

Marta Costa Reis, 2018, for Reverso Gallery

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