2 December 2020
9 April 2021
Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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With special participation of Pedro Proença

“Those who do not expect the unexpected will not find it, for they close themselves off to its pursuit, and that will lead them to no path.”


Necklace, 2020  / based on a painting by Pedro Proença

Produced and edited by REVERSO


Wearing a piece of jewelry requires courage, without identity and strength you cannot imagine or show significance. Hope lies partly in the gravity of our existence. When magnetic fields disappear we are sucked in by black holes in the universe. BARA “hope” shows the balance between the magnetic field, graphite as the container, and steel plus magnetite as two poles. If one of the components is lost, the work loses its existence.

Ruudt Peters

Sept 2020

Bara “Hope”, 2020  / brooch 
by Ruudt Peters

The story of Argos waiting for Ulysses is strong and beautiful. And, then there is Penelope, weaving… and weaving…waiting.

The brooch (very new) is made of acrylic that I have treated to make the different shapes/pattern and directions in the surface. There is four golden points, and two black diamonds. I thought of them as the four feets, the head and the tail. Also I wanted them to remind of a dark sky with stars, stars to guide, to find the way.

The neckpiece, I made last year but have kept it since I wanted it to find its place and right context. I was really happy, now to find the theme, and like the company with the “Argos” brooch.

Karin Johansson

“Argos” / brooch (left) & “Penelope and The Golden Thread of Hope” / necklace (right)
by Karin Johansson

With this necklace I wanted to visualize the unexpected, similarly as how the chains fall out of their role and form a pearl necklace. I used the pearl as a symbol of purity and as a metaphor of the process through that the undesirable can be transformed into something beautiful.

Veronika Fabian

Hope / Necklace
Veronika Fabian

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