15 September 2021
29 October 2021
Wednesday, September 15, 2021
4:00 pm
8:00 pm

Ruudt Peters exhibits his three newest series of work: SUCTUS, NEBULA, and BARA. We are lost in the suction of light in SUCTUS. The funnel connects us to both the beginning and the end, the baby’s bath and our coffin. NEBULA shows us an elusive proximity, we cannot grasp the whole, we experience the mystery of moving through fog. BARA is the black hole in space, destroying everything; it is death. We are looking into the afterlife at the terrifying darkness.

Peters uses jewellery as metaphor to capture our mental and physical experiences of the duality between the Cosmos and Earth’s core. “as above, so below”

“Looking at Ruudt’s work, it feels as if the smoke and dust from a meteor impact have just dispersed and settled and the ground is giving off heat from the trauma. It’s like the moment after the final crash when the silence is deafening. Silently, the brooches of the “Suctus” series invoke past dramas like the grey plaster bodies from Pompeii excavations. The drama is finished, the tension remains. Ruudt knows how to use the words of the past in a language of the future.”

Urmas Lüüs

“Ruudt’s newest works of NEBULA do something artworks often fail to do, take a trite notion, overly romantic and aspirational in its attempt, life, and humble us into simple worlds, simple moments in glass and silver, where the piece is not the point, but merely a vehicle for the unattainable nebula we surround ourselves with every day. “

Aaron Decker

“With his new objects, Ruudt has shaped forms that are following Mircea Eliade’s reconstruction of ideas for cosmic origin. Hence, these small, secluded, and shadowed objects at the verge between hollowness and hallowing seemingly introduce a material and profane transcendence into the world of aesthetics and artistic objects.”

Jorn Ahrens