Nikolay Sardamov is a Bulgarian artist living and practicing in Sofia. Graduated with a BA in Fine Arts Pedagogy from Sofia University and a MA in Jewellery and Metal from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia.

My jewels are usually created based on a certain number of small components.When I start a new collection, I put some limits on the number of components, shapes and the manner. I act as scrupulously as an accountant.

For instance, INTERSECTIONS is based on 7 sizes of circles I place in different configurations creating threedimensional forms. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches made only of precious metals and gems. Though made of similar components, the jewels look different because of the different structure. The same goes for the series THE SECRET OF THE GARDEN. I have a finite number of butterflies and beetles. Depending on how they are combined and ordered in the shape of rosettes, I end up with a different volume and vision.