10 Outubro 2020
30 Outubro 2020
Sábado, Outubro 10, 2020
3:00 pm
8:00 pm

Sara Leme

What would it be like to live with a face or inhabit a body that, without the help of the mirror, was known mainly through the eyes of others?

Since prehistory the man has been interested in his image, having used all kinds of resources like dark glossy stones or still water – and after all, in the eyes of his lover the man could already see his double. Even if it has become the most common object of our time, the mirror retains its magical and mystifying power: What secret are you looking for in your broken reflection?

Carolina Quintela

The mirror, which gave speculation its name, is the object that reflects an image and, depending on its clarity, reveals the truth around which we symbolically prove the correspondence of sincerity. On the other hand, the mirror can invert reality while exposing the psyche to self-knowledge, but above all, it symbolizes the reciprocity of consciences and affective symmetry. In love, on the other side of the mirror lays the eyes of the loved one and the reflection that encloses the simplicity and the greatness of being seen within a universe that was built common, total and unrepeatable. In love the mirror is the other one.

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