It’s omnipresent, yet it is invisible. It is always the support act and never the star. We love to pop, pop, pop it, but with our environmental spotlight on plastic, it is now feeling a little deflated. It’s the travel companion that cushions us and our precious things from breaking and falling apart. Bubble Wrap!

Each member of the world famous EXTRANALITIES collective started this journey with Bubble Wrap! as their muse and inspiration for new work. 10 makers with 10 different responses and interpretations to Bubble Wrap!

Incidentally, did you know that Bubble Wrap! was originally produced as wallpaper?

Pop or Pin it – Bubble or Wrap it
Burst the bubbles to chase your troubles
And give it a press to relieve your stress
Bubble slow and Wrap it tight – Pin it fast but pop it right
Then we cocooned our trinkets in these comfort blankets
And sent them to Lisbon for our exhibition!