We often relate with our bodies as if it were a material capable of being moulded to our ideals. Despite its materiality, we intuit its immaterial quality, our essence. With clothing, jewellery or a perfume we seek to fill in a gap, to highlight a quality: to fulfil, complete, recreate, transform. To be a new moment, to renew ourselves. And there are moments when our body and us blend together like scents in a field. And we walk without realising we are in it: light, detached from our own gravity. It is when essence and perfume, body and clothing, jewellery and desire, share the same definition, when they are one. On the other hand, there are moments when identity is burdensome, and there is a discrepancy between the steps we take and our longing. At that point we attempt to surpass such mood. We return to adornment, we perfume ourselves, we give a different expression to our make-up, we dress in another style. We want momentarily to take the weight of our condition off our minds. A form of rescue? That will lead us to an ideal, while at the same time it sets us up in a better reality? A wish it will certainly be. – Leonor Hipólito, 2022