4 Dezembro 2021
21 Janeiro 2022
Sábado, Dezembro 4, 2021
4:00 pm
8:00 pm

“Building “Seedlands”

(…) the idea of “Seed” that operates as a matrix in Isabel Garcia’s work process is an urgent invitation to think about the negotiation between nature and the environment. The objects in patinated bronze are both small coffers and seeds. They keep, protect, multiply and serve the artist to, by tracing their profiles, build many of the watercolor drawings as well as the figures of her «Floating Seeds», paintings that were developed during confinement (…) Art may not provide answers but it can indicate paths: the «seeds» of Isabel Garcia’s paintings and sculptures are not only an excellent example of attention to the past of art, in the lineage of tradition in the history of landscape, but more than that: they give the possibility to each one of us to look at these works and meditate on the urgent need to build our own “Seedlands”.

Fragment of the text by FILOMENA SERRA, for the exhibition “SEED” by IG, 2020

 Isabel Garcia, 2021, 39