My studio is like a child’s playroom where everything is permitted but under the rule of my game. I almost always start with very free sketches trying to keep the lightness and spontaneity of the gesture on paper. During the planning and the execution I do not exclude any possibilities of changing my plan that the randomness or other events can suggest to me. I try to consider what is happening and choose what interests me at the that moment. I think it is a game played on the unconscious memory because my intention is to loose a certain kind of control in my creative phase losing the intent of reason to arrive at something that I have known but, at the same time, surprises me. I try to reach a result that amazes me while I can recognize as something familiar, like when, during the day you notice something that reminds us of a dream the night before that you were not able to recall with an effort of will. I work both in field of jewelry and in sculpture probably because both of these two disciplines have a base of technical progress that is able to keep my ego and my opinion busy, until the end of the job.

One of the materials that I love are the old thin cans; I like their graphics because represent a certain type of history of society of the last century where the packaging was non junk it was reusable. These containers remind me of my childhood, of grandmother who preserved these boxes of cookies where they kept wires and button or other tools that they consider valuable. I am a passionate collector and, at the same time, a destroyer of these objects that have had a particular symbolism for me ranging from the protection and coercion, but at the same time, can be used as a palette for a painter and still possess a charm which doesn’t seek an explanation.I really like using the old material, which has the signs of aging or has cracks that suggest their story without revealing it completely. Generally I join these objects, unique for and valuable for their history, with the material prized for its commercial value because it seems to me that this contrast is interesting and that between these two types of material a relationship and tension is born because their difference.