Born in Menorca, Spain in 1982, My first contact with jewelry was at age of 16 in “Escola d’Arts i Oficis de Menorca”. Four years later I moved to Barcelona to study in “Escola Massana” where I discovered the art form of jewelry. Since then I’m trying to calm my fear to forget through my work, reshaping materials, and leaving my own print on them. To continue with my formation I went to Finland to the “South Carelian Polytechnic University” and in 2012 I did another turn in my life and moved to Idar-Oberstein (Germany) to study in Hochschule Trier where I got my MFA in 2015. I spent 2016 teaching in Azza Fahmy Studio (Cairo) 2017 I went back to Barcelona to continue with my work, creating new collections and trying to reshape new materials, at the same time I was teaching at “JORGC” Oficial Jewelers College from Catalonia. And traveling around the globe giving workshops in different schools and universities. Right now I’m starting a new life project back at home, Menorca.

“I work so I don’t forget, and I forget that I’m working”

Due to the fact of leaving my home when I was young, to study and find who I am, on the way I got scared to forget where I come from. This has become an obsession and the base of my work.

“Searching for the limits of the materials and finding my own ones”

I’m eclectic. I need new inputs to be active in my studio. Because of it, the materials are an important part of my work. I try to understand the structure, the possibilities… Failing is part of my routine because it gets me close to find the limits of the materials and the techniques.